Dr. Elena Mustakova and Rainn Wilson engage in witty and dynamic conversation

Listen to this conversation, which connects topics that plague most of our lives – why individuals betray themselves; understanding and dealing with our fears; the pitfalls of ideology and ideological thinking; the interdependent world we live in; sacred activism, and the difference between spirituality, religion and collective consciousness. Actor Rainn Wilson leads psychologist and write Dr. […]

Global Unitive Healing is now available for Kindle

The December 2021 issue of the Midwest Book Review wrote the following: Thoughtful and thought-provoking, with an iconoclastic approach to dealing with the ills of the world today, “Global Unitive Healing: Integral Skills for Personal and Collective Transformation” is a potentially life changing read for the individual and for the whole of modern society. An […]

Discussion with Dr. Elena Mustakova

Watch the discussion of philosopher Ken Wilber, IONS Chair Claudia Welss, and Doug King, founder of Presence international ( with the author of Global Unitive Healing Dr. Elena Mustakova. The topic will be What does it mean to grow into wholeness in current condition and what is the role of spirituality.

11 Days of Global Unity campaign – webinar of Dr. Elena Mustakova

The webinar’s topic is Unitive Steps to Peace. Dr. Mustakova discusses the interpersonal as well as intrapersonal and social changes that are necessary for a society to become stable and healthy.

Human security approach to global issues

What does a human security approach to global issues mean, and what would it have looked like in a country like Afghanistan? Read this article by Jonathan Granoff (President of the Global Security Institute, attorney, recipient of the 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award of the American Bar Association International Law Section, 2014 nominee for the Nobel […]

Global Unitive Healing by Dr. Elena Mustakova – read more about the new book

Unitive Healing is a hymn to collective sanity and the deep recovery of higher values that can be globally gestated and collaboratively shared across the world’s diverse cultures by an evolving humanity. Science alone, religion alone, not even enlightened socio-political reform can bring about the evolutionary breakthroughs needed to dig us out of the cataclysmic […]

Unifying Vision in a Divided Society

What can unite Bulgarians at this moment of desperation with the unbearable corruption in Bulgaria after 30 years of trying to transition from an oppressive totalitarian regime to developing democratic processes with the rule of law and a more just and equitable civil society? What is the path beyond the pervasive disillusionment with the European […]

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