Virtues and Social Health

Terry Madison was born in New Jersey, USA, and traversed the long personal journey from show business, where she began as a singer, to a spiritually awakened service to humanity in the Caribbean, in Suriname and – in her last 28 years – in Bulgaria. About 15 years ago, Terry was one of the first who began to offer volunteer virtues classes in a few schools in Sofia. She drew her inspiration from the worldwide virtues project of Linda Kavelin and Dan Popov, which reaches Bulgaria through Terry’s efforts. She registered a foundation, devoted to inspiring the next generations to develop their virtues and to participate in positive social transformation. After her passing, the foundation is re-registered under the name ‘Terry Madison for Virtues and Social Health’, and its activity expands into new spheres of social life.

Terry Madison passed away on February 20, 2019 and is buried in Sofia.

Today, Foundation “Terry Madison for Virtues and Social Health”, with Executive Director Dr. Elena Mustakova ( focuses on public education around questions of justice in a planetary society, moral character, global governance, and unitive processes that can resolve social divisions and move us toward a safer and peaceful planet.