Virtues and Social Health

We are

Like a throbbing artery in the body of humankind

We are part of a rapidly growing global movement that recognizes and supports the spiritual evolution of humanity toward a consciousness of interdependence, unity in diversity and a more just global society.

Terry Madison Foundation for Virtues and Social Health works in Bulgaria on responding meaningfully to the moral, social and ecological crisis of our time, and on promoting active rethinking of the connection between personal development and social transformation. Our projects and forums are inspired by universal and practical spiritual principles that point to lasting solutions. We believe that at the root of sustainable solutions to these challenges is education that develops character, responsibility, and a sense of belonging to an interconnected world. The changes we all want increasingly depend on our own choices, actions and mindsets. The Foundation partners with like-minded organizations in Bulgaria and world-wide in order to support and enhance constructive changes toward a more ethical society, based on genuine respect for each person and constructive dialogue across differences.

More than 15 years now, the foundation has partnered with schools in Sofia and has trained teachers and high school students to reflect on and develop their virtues and to assist younger students to do the same.

We organize youth forums and educational projects that assist us to reflect on creating more social health through the aspiration to help and uplift one another, and to share meaningful moral purpose. Such an approach expresses our highest nature and is a deeply rewarding way of life that makes us more resilient and vibrant, and creates prosperity in society.

The Foundation also organizes concerts and events, drawing on the power of art to uplift and inspire; as well as ecological projects that cultivate responsible stewardship of our natural environment.

The world needs us to unite and mobilize our efforts toward restructuring our environments in the direction of moral meaning and purpose and an ethic of interdependence.

We ourselves need to develop skills for meaningful communication, self-knowledge, and clear spiritual values, as well as knowledge of such potential new forms of governance that have the capacity to create more just societies.