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Корица на книгата на проф. Мустакова - Глобално обединяващо лечение

Unitive Healing is a hymn to collective sanity and the deep recovery of higher values that can be globally gestated and collaboratively shared across the world’s diverse cultures by an evolving humanity. Science alone, religion alone, not even enlightened socio-political reform can bring about the evolutionary breakthroughs needed to dig us out of the cataclysmic hole created by the imbalanced emphasis on material success, divisive truth claims, ecological numbness, widespread psychic fragmentation and even deeper trauma. Here is where Mustakova steps in with such potent and wise medicine for our time. It would be one thing if she just laid out with shining clarity how an integral worldview can address our pervasive wounding but she does something even more brilliant than that: she lays out the great universal and unifying spiritual principles which illuminate both the theory and practice of individual and global transformation. She goes into the heart of our wounds by showing in case study after real life case study how very diverse individuals and couples can emerge from painfully shattered lives and experience in palpable ways the journey from confinement in personal obsession to wholeness and even universal interrelatedness. She sheds skillful insight into moving from neurotic thinking to creative Thought; how mindful practice can create spaciousness in our lives enabling us to evolve; how we can serve a world in crisis through constructive resilience and how therapeutic approaches rounded in integral spirituality can open us to profound experiences of unity and genuine psychological and spiritual realization. Mustakova uses a storehouse of insights from the Bahá’í faith and other diverse emergent teachings to describe humanity’s path of inner/outer development. What a relief to read a book of such comprehensive truth and wisdom.

—James O’Dea, author of award-winning Cultivating Peace

Former President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences
Washington Office Director of Amnesty International

Those who have embraced an ethics for the whole world come from diverse backgrounds. Many religious, spiritual, and humanistic traditions, and many scientific disciplines. Elena Mustakova makes progress in identifying a common language to unite these disparate traditions. Global Unitive Healing combines multiple forms of wisdom – psychotherapy, the Baha’i faith and other wisdom traditions, evolutionary science, and the personal wisdom of the author and those she has helped – into an integrated vision for working for a better world. She provides a highly readable blueprint for inner and outer transformation.  

–David Sloan Wilson, President, Prosocial World, author of This View of Life: Completing the Darwinian Revolution and Atlas Hugged: The Autobiography of John Galt III.

Global Unitive Healing connects the dots between the macro trends on the planet and the micro movements of our souls. In her focus on unity, Mustakova connects our mystical lives with our social reality, and our bodies and lived experiences with a greater whole. She addresses the deeper truths of language, meaning, values, spirituality, resilience, connection, harmony, consciousness, transformation, and love. Her stories demonstrate how we can pay attention to metaphysical elements in order to make wiser decisions about how we manage our physical world, as individuals and as members of the Earth family. 

This book offers deep seated wisdom on the emergent global consciousness that is aligning around how our interdependence unifies us and how that unification is the only viable path toward any of us living out our highest ideals. Global Unitive Healing provides an insightful guide to consciously navigating the evolutionary leap we seem to be in the midst of.

—Joni Carley PhD, author The Alchemy of Power: Mastering the Invisible Factors of Leadership

United Nations ECOSOC Consultant

As it was with Towards a Socially Responsible Psychology for a Global Era—Mustakova’s edited volume that precedes this work— Global Unitive Healing distinguishes Dr. Elena Mustakova as one of the most enlightened clinician-teachers of our time. 

This wonderful book integrates the art of storytelling with centuries of wisdom from various research and philosophical traditions into a compendium of insights and exercises that are sure to be useful to millions of people whose hearts and minds have been battered and oppressed by long exposure to racial, religious, materialistic, and/or political injustices contributing to the crisis in mental health sweeping across the world. 

Drawing upon decades of rich and diverse clinical experience, Mustakova shows us how well-established techniques for mastering the challenges of life can also help us navigate global sociohistorical processes and solve the complex interpersonal, social, and institutional problems we are facing. 

—Michael L. Penn, PhD, Director,

Psychopathology Lab, Scientific & Philosophical Studies of Mind, Franklin & Marshall College

Корица на книгата на проф. Мустакова - Глобално обединяващо лечение
Global Unitive Healing by Dr. Elena Mustakova – read more about the new book

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