Cultural messages that divide

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Cultural messages that divide

The life of every generation is shaped by specific forces. Are we aware of the forces constantly influencing our lives?

Rapidly spreading around us is a fragmented and confused view of life, dominated by extreme materialism and egocentrism. They distort our relationships and make us think that our smart phones and brand clothes are more important than communication, maintaining in us a constant anxiety about how others perceive us. These messages dictate competitiveness, distrust, fear of differences, and they propel us to seek superficial and stereotypical ways of belonging and excessive consumption. In addition, narrow religious and ethnic rivalries are fueling fear, intolerance, and divisiveness.

The result is frazzled people who rely on sound bites, and find it difficult to read or concentrate on in-depth thinking; who try to cure stress by an addictive focus on more consumption. Young people increasing complain of a loss of meaning, cliques, apathy and cynicism, self-isolation, addictions, unrestrained quest for entertainment and mental suffering.

Although intuitively we are not happy with this way of life, we feel paralyzed and often do not even seek alternatives to this exhausting materialism and social degradation, and to the tempting voices that call us to more consumerism.

But alternatives exist and this platform and our forums are dedicated to stimulating the discovery and awareness of alternatives.

Deep down, each of us feels a motivation to live in more humane and compassionate ways, but the undermining forces and influences paralyze this natural aspiration.

The choice is ours – whether to live under the influence of the messages that divide us, or in harmony with ourselves and in search of unity in our aspirations.

We believe that life has a dual moral purpose – personal development and developing our capacities to create an ever more progressive human civilization. Despite the fact that these are not the messages we hear every day, this is, in fact, the reality which helps us evolve, and elevates and strengthens us, and which builds the future of human civilization.

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