For youth

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

For youth

In some of the most mature democracies around the world, such as Finland, Canada, New Zealand, voters are increasingly electing younger people! In a deeply integrated world, in which existing mechanisms are incapable of solving global problems, eyes are increasingly turning toward the creative imagination and energy of youth, who are more in tune with the needs of the new world and who insist on serious changes.[1]

The Director of UNICEF Henrietta Fore addressed all governments and countries on September 25, 2019 with the following words: “Finally — let’s make another pledge: to not only listen to what children and young people are telling us, but to work with them to achieve the change they want to see. Around the world, young leaders are raising their voices like never before. In fact, we’re seeing a rise in youth activism around the world. Climate strikes. Students marching. Campaigns to end conflicts. And the young people who have joined our Generation Unlimited partnership, calling for governments and businesses to support education and skills development. Two weeks ago, for the first time ever, UNICEF’s Executive Board invited two young activists to open our meeting.

They told us about their work to end child labour — and to fight climate change, and leave behind a healthy planet for generations to come. As inspiring as they were, the adults in the room knew that inspiration is not enough. That listening was not enough. let us also commit not only to listening to children and young people.

Let’s support them
Let’s take action with them
Let’s follow their lead[2]

Our platform and our forums are dedicated to opening spaces where young people can make sense of the challenges they and we all face, can gain the necessary information, clarity, and skills to organize and coordinate their efforts toward national, regional, and global transformation.

We understand that in order for such efforts to bear fruit, there has to be coherence between who we are and what we do. Only the truly coherent life leads to lasting change. So we aspire to support young people in finding spiritual and moral coherence of their inner reality with the aims they set for themselves.

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