Virtues and Social Health

Dr. Elena Mustakova and Rainn Wilson engage in witty and dynamic conversation

Listen to this conversation, which connects topics that plague most of our lives – why individuals betray themselves; understanding and dealing with our fears; the pitfalls of ideology and ideological thinking; the interdependent world we live in; sacred activism, and the difference between spirituality, religion and collective consciousness. Actor Rainn Wilson leads psychologist and write Dr. […]

Global Unitive Healing is now available for Kindle

The December 2021 issue of the Midwest Book Review wrote the following: Thoughtful and thought-provoking, with an iconoclastic approach to dealing with the ills of the world today, “Global Unitive Healing: Integral Skills for Personal and Collective Transformation” is a potentially life changing read for the individual and for the whole of modern society. An […]