Global Unitive Healing by Dr. Elena Mustakova – read more about the new book

Unitive Healing is a hymn to collective sanity and the deep recovery of higher values that can be globally gestated and collaboratively shared across the world’s diverse cultures by an evolving humanity. Science alone, religion alone, not even enlightened socio-political reform can bring about the evolutionary breakthroughs needed to dig us out of the cataclysmic […]

Unifying Vision in a Divided Society

What can unite Bulgarians at this moment of desperation with the unbearable corruption in Bulgaria after 30 years of trying to transition from an oppressive totalitarian regime to developing democratic processes with the rule of law and a more just and equitable civil society? What is the path beyond the pervasive disillusionment with the European […]

What World Do We Want and What U.N. Do We Need?

This is the question that has been posed to 80,000 people so far, from 191 countries, by a committee of the United Nations in preparation for celebrating its 75th anniversary in September 2020. In this watershed moment, as Under-Secretary-General and Special Advisor at the UN Fabrizio Hoshschield-Drummond described it, when the Covid 19 pandemic revealed […]

The passing of Nelson Mandela

A Personal Perspective: The Contrast between Nelson Mandela’s Embodiment of Social Health and the Commitment of Governing Institutions to Politics-As-Usual. When Nelson Mandela passed on, the world mourned the loss of a heroic figure who embodied a one-man struggle for social justice and a compassionate society for all. His life was an epitome of social […]

Core Connections that Sustain

Understanding Resilience: Core Connections that Sustain In your beautiful continent of Africa, which has seen the dawn of human civilization, and has, in modern times, been torn by so many deep conflicts, any conservation work must require tremendous resilience. As of 2011, according to, there have been over 9 million refugees and internally displaced […]

Building a healthy social environment

What would we consider a healthy social environment? Even though wisdom traditions have had a lot to say about what may be an ideal society, that question was first asked in scientific terms by the World Health Organization in 1947, in recognition of the fact that individual physical and mental health alone are not enough […]

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